USS Hull DD945 Association

Officer Job Descriptions

The following job descriptions and qualifications assume a strong desire on the part of the candidate to serve the organization and its membership, and a willingness to devote the necessary time to realize a “job well done”. Position holders will, naturally, attend the upcoming reunion and will have email and computer availability. The term of service will be from one reunion to the next.

Members of the Hull Association may volunteer for any of the Association Officer positions by notifying either the Reunion Chairman or Treasurer prior to the start of the next reunion. In the case of more than one volunteer, a vote of the general membership will be taken at the business meeting for that position.


Qualifications: Preferably, the President would have been a commanding officer of the Hull sometime in its commissioned life. Has experience in management, organizational skills and planning. Good military bearing and strong character.

To the extent a president cannot be found, or the person does not want the above extent of involvement, a Vice President will be designated First Vice President and xxxxx denoting these additional responsibilities. The First V.P. should have the same qualifications as the President except he need not have been the commanding officer of the Hull.

Other Association Officers (random order)

V.P. and Treasurer- collects and accounts for all Association funds. Maintains a data base of members showing status of dues and reunion collection. Maintains a ledger accounting for all disbursements. Maintains fund balance in a bank account designated as USS Hull Association.

Provides other Association officers with a quarterly accounting of all receipts and disbursements by 20 days following the end of the calendar quarter. May authorize disbursements with only his signature on the checks; however, he and one other Association V.P must approve the disbursement of funds. Members are not authorized to make financial commitments or spend monies on behalf of the Association without the concurrence of the V.P. Treasurer and one other Vice President.

Qualifications: This person should have a background in business, some accounting, and have experience in the use and development of Excel spreadsheets.

V.P. and Reunion Chairman- this officer, in concert with other Association officers, is responsible for selecting the site for the reunion. This officer alone deals directly with the hotel, food service and any other vendors for the reunion. This officer coordinates the activities of the other Association officers and any other members as relates to reunion activities. He is copied on all correspondence relating to the reunion and membership efforts. He provides input to communication with the membership regarding the reunion. Queries from member and non-member shipmates are directed to him for reply. This officer develops a planning document covering the responsibilities and completion dates for the next reunion.

Qualifications: Experience in planning, organizing and conducting business meetings is desirable. Ability and experience in using Excel spreadsheets. Prior food service management experience is helpful. Geographic proximity to the reunion site is important, or the ability to meet personally with hotel and food vendors.

V.P. and Membership Chairman- This officer is responsible for maintaining a data base of members and non-member former shipmates in concert with the V.P. Treasurer. His efforts are directed towards attracting new dues paying members and attendees at the following reunion. He will use email, USPS, and telephone to contact the subject persons or reply to inquiries from former shipmates. Under his direction, he may recruit State Membership Coordinators to do research and contacting of persons in their particular state as well as using other volunteers for this activity.

This officer will handle certain details of the Hospitality Suite at the reunion. These include assigning and instructing volunteers to man the check-in desk, establishing the check-in procedures, and establishing the Hospitality Suite operating hours in conjunction with the Reunion Chairman,

Qualifications: A strong desire to research for and talk with non-member shipmates. Good verbal and written communication skills, Excel worksheet capability, and email availability

V.P. and Communications Chairman- This officer is responsible for developing an electronic periodic newsletter with input from Association officers and the general membership. The newsletter will be sent to all members via email or in a few cases, by USPS.

Qualifications: Good and imaginative writing and publication skills

V.P. and Historian- The Historian will maintain a written record of Hull Association activities and a full story of each reunion. Additionally, this officer will develop and collect written and photographic material relating to the Hull and its crew over the years of its operation and publish same on the Association’s web site

Qualifications: Good writing skills, interest in historical accounts, willingness to research records and photographs

V.P. for Information Technology- This officer maintains and enhances the Association’s internet web site. Significant changes and enhancements to the web site are completed with the approval of the Association President. He obtains periodic input from other VPs and publishes same with the approval of the VP for Communications.