Neil Baliber, ETN3 ’59-’62, is seeking photos of shipmates and of the ship’s operations for the upcoming Reunion 2014 DVD he will be putting together.  If you can identify crew, places, or happenings, that would be great.  If you care to have the photos published in the  “Picture History” page, please  forward them to:  and I will gladly enter same into the association web page.  Also, Neil is looking for a picture taken from the harbor and looking toward Broadway Pier and the main street in downtown S.D.,

I want it for possible use in the next slide show for the 2014 Reunion.  Please send a request to our association members.

Thanks ,  Neil Baliber


Neil’s email address:

Lou Colella, IC2 ’60-’63 USS Hull Association Webmaster/Historian