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Construction - Bath Iron Works (BIW)


The Fifth Ship of the Fleet to bear the name Hull was built by Bath Iron Works Corporation; Bath, Maine. Her keel was laid down 12 December 1956; launched 10 August 1957, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Albert G. Mumma; delivered to Boston Naval Shipyard 25 June 1958 where she was commissioned 3 July 1958, with Commander H. H. Ries commanding.

From the scrapbook of Lt. Louis Schlaufman, Hull's  first Supply Officer (click to view)

Lt. Schlaufman has provided a host of information related to the commissioning of Hull and its transit to San Diego. FYI: Lt. Schlaufman was the first crewmember to report aboard.

Lawson Woodall BTC, serves on two Hull's - Compliments of  Lt. Lou Schlaufman

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Operating Guide For Propulsion Machinery  (click book to view)

Compliments of Jeff Ackley BTC '76-80 & 82-83

Operational History

Hull conducted her shakedown training in New England waters, steaming out of Newport 7 September 1958 to join the Pacific Fleet at San Diego, via the Panama Canal. She visited Kingston Jamaica; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; La Guaira, Venezuela; Balboa, Panama; and Gallao, Peru.  Wolfgang Larrazabal, president of the "Junta" government of Venezuela visited Hull.

Hull traverses the Isthmus of Panama on 24 Sep 1958

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Order of the Locks certificate compliments of Plankowner Frank Davis

Hull crosses the Equator on 28 Sep 1958

Hull arrived at her home port of San Diego on 13 October 1958 joining the Pacific Fleet as a member of Destroyer Squadron One. She took part in fleet training exercises until departing for the Far East.

On 15 April 1959 she deployed to the Far East and  operated with the mighty 7th Fleet on Formosa Patrol, helping express America's determination to protect the island and maintain peace in the area. She returned to San Diego 3 September 1959.

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