Lt. Lou Schlaufman Nov 1958

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Hull's launch on 10 Aug 1957

Lt. Lou Schlaufman, Supply Officer, is the first crew memeber to report aboard.

Capt. Ries arrives on 20 Mar 1958

Gun Boss arrives on 22 Mar 1958

35 crew memebers report aboard.

Hull departs for Boston on 25 Jun 1958

Edson and Somers still need some work. See ya' in San Diego.

Looking up river US Rt.1 crosses over bridge in background.

Commissioning Invitation.

Reception Invitation.

Commissioning Day.

Cdr. H. H. Ries, Hull's first Commanding Officer.

Chief of BuShips is principal speaker.

Hull visits Venezuela

Junta President Wolfgang Larrazal visits Hull.

Shellbacks v. Lt. Lou Schlaufman.

Crossing the Equator on 28 Sept 1958 (pg.1)

Crossing the Equator (pg. 2)

Shellback Certificate.

Hull arrives in San Diego on 13 Oct 1958

Pier 1, Naval Station, SD 13 Oct 1958

Photo - USN

ComDesRon 1. Capt. C. M. Sugarman comes aboard on 16 Oct 1958. Photo-USN

Lando, BM1 13 Oct 1958

Photo - USN

Dependants Cruise cir. 28 Nov 1958

Photo - USN

Subic Bay, PI

Photo - USN