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Bryant, Carson H. "Buddy" -  DD-350


10-4-1915 / 08-22-2012



They called him Buddy I think.  (he was in the Navy before I was born). He hurt his back on board ship and they left him in Pearl Hospital and sailed into a typhoon and the ship sunk.  Dad slept on the floor the rest of his life.  His back reminded him he would have been on the Hull when it was sinking if he had not hurt his back.  That's all I know.  He did work in the shipyard Norfolk.  His brother also worked in the shipyard and died from mesothelioma.  Dad was out of the navy by WW2, i believe.  We have a great portrait of him in uniform that he made a frame for and gave to his mother.  He looks like a movie star from some old black and white war film. It's still at mom's house. One day I will try to copy it and send to you, when i get down there.  He drove for an admiral and was gifted a 45 that he carried with him always but in his last few months someone "made off with it".  Sad to see it go.  It was like a fixture in our house and was to be handed down to a grandson.  Dad died at home, nearly 96 years old.  He had liver cancer (even though he was a teetotaler). He started a business just after the war. He eventually had 5 store locations and did very well for himself. He married Catherine Lucille Hahn in 1945.They were married nearly 66 years. Mom has Alzheimers. She is still in her home but the attorney that made dad sign His life away (when he was in his 90's already) has all their money. Won't even let me stay with her when I come to visit.  He is an evil man know for taking advantage of widows and old folks.  I am so very sorry I couldn't protect my father and my parents estate from him.  He tried to get me to move mother out of her house so he could take it. But I refused because mom is comfortable there in her own familiar home and has plenty enough money to stay until she simply cannot anymore. and so now she has 24 hour caretakers.  But she is happily unaware of almost everything besides cookies and crossword puzzles that she "cheats and looks in the back for answers" does all day long.  Dad was cremated so we can put his ashes with mother when the time comes.  She doesn't even remember him unless he comes up and then she asks where he is, and so on. sorry, do I sound frustrated... venting a bit I guess. Well you know a little more about Carson H. Bryant Jr. now.  Have a blessed week. Cathy Bryant Land