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Both, Karl Heinz - SFP2

Served Aboard: 1961 - 1963

16 Mar 1940 - 6 Nov 2013



Some thoughts from Karl's son:


Fair winds and following seas. My father passed away this morning. He was in the Navy when he was a young man.  When my desire to join started going in that direction, he told me that the only way I was joining would be as an officer. I did it, thanks to my dad.   He was an advocate for the disabled, his younger sister (Aunt Joanne) had Down - Syndrome.   When my sister was born, he was a natural. So when my son was born, with Down - Syndrome it only came natural to follow in his footsteps. Thanks dad.   That man started working before he became fluent in English.  He came to the US from Germany in the 50's. He worked into his 70's. I started working when I was a teenager and have never stopped. I know where my strong work ethic came from.  Thanks Dad.

Keith C. Both