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 Hall, Jon L. - RD1

Recipient of the Navy Achievement Medal with Gold Star

Jon Hall (1970-1974) passed away in the McClellan Veterans Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 30, 2009.  I don't know if you note this kind of information for those who might search for previous crew mates, but just in case.   I was married to Jon for 32 years, and our son, Jason, and I were with him when he passed. 

His son and I are very proud of his Navy service, especially during the Viet Nam era, as we are of all of our military family members that served during that time. I've provided you with a scanned copy of the Citation letter from J. L. Holloway, Vice Admiral at the time the award was given, and a scanned copy of the certificate as well. The Citation letter mentions the USS Hull specifically, and the time from the award. Although we were no longer married, we remained very close. I was his power of attorney at the VA.  I want very much for him to be remembered by his shipmates if at all possible.  He loved that part of his life, as much as I did.  He always said, "Like they say, War is Hell and the Navy held the worst and the best memories of my life."  Jason and I thank you very much for posting Jon's information. 

Jon's wife, Marie (Hall) Wright

phone: 479.968.0663