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Reinhardt, Ellwood "Bill" LT(jg) - Hull's 1st Communications Officer

 Bill's daughter writes: I would like everyone to know he started out the bottom and went to the rank of Commander. He only had a few short years of retirement, he died of a massive heart attack on Dec. 6, 1979, at the age of 52. He was always on ships until he got orders for Panama, after that he was the head of a base in Northern Ireland. My Mom became became ill in 75, and he retired, she passed in 1976. If you have a TAPS page, you can put he was in the Navy from 43 to 75, it was the true love of his life. I am proud to say he was my father. If anyone who remembers him, they can contact me at 

                                                                                                          Susan Reinhardt Boyd