What had been gnawing away, tugging at the hearts and memories of many shipmates became a reality this fall.

  The USS HULL (DD-945) sits in 2,096 fathoms west-southwest of San Clemente Island in the Pacific. Long have the Proud Lady's shipmates yearned for a reunion. Well, wishes came to fruition in September in Las Vegas. And, like a four star movie, the reviews are great:

  * Thank you for a job well done - Gary John
  * One hell of a good party - Nick Dimel
  * I thank all who had a hand - Worley Whitefield
  * Reunion was great, see you soon - Dave Henkel
  * I could go on and on…but it's time to say "amen" - Carl Decker
  * Great seeing fellow plankowners - Bill Rudolph
  * It lived up to the Hull reputation - Greg Zuelke
  * Sure wish I could have been there - Neil Rangen
  * I'm going to find others that didn't make it this time - Jim Ericson
  * Hearty welcome to another outstanding HULL Skipper Captain Rex Tallent - Bryce Wellnitz

  Nutz' quote is a good segue to remind everybody that we are now the USS HULL ASSOCIATION, with a leadership team in place comprised of CAPT Rex Tallent as President, MM1 Mike Gallegos Vice President (Membership), LTJG, SC Bob Modell Vice President (Reunion), John McKechnie, LT, SC (Treasurer). We have added LTJG George Tomek (Communications VP).
  HULL is going to be a multi-task, multi-faceted ASSOCIATION. The next reunion, as voted on by members in Las Vegas, will be back in the same city about two years from now.

  We also embody the HULL tradition and legacy. President Tallent addresses an exciting aspect of what that means in his welcoming letter to all of you later in this newsletter.

  All of us have a proud tradition to live up to. For years, the survivors of the USS HULL (DD-350) have been hosting a reunion. Their numbers are diminishing with time, those brave men who survived that fierce typhoon in '44. However, these shipmates from another era will always be around because they're represented increasingly by their spouses, children and grand children. We met many of them in Vegas - in fact, that's why our first reunion was held there.

  Through these newsletters, we'll keep everybody up to date as to our activities and what you can do to help the USS HULL ASSOCIATION achieve its goals.

  To me, America and her allies have been a beacon to the world that peace comes only through strength and resolve. Nothing embodies that more than the United States Navy and the legacy of ships like those bearing the name HULL. Ships win battles, projecting the power of a nation and a cause. By so, they keep that beacon light of peace for the rest of the world glowing.

  /s/ George Tomek, CAPT, VP Communications & Newsletter Editor
     The Skipper Speaks

Dear Fellow Shipmates:

  It is a pleasure to write this letter to each of you and it is an honor to be doing so as the first President of the USS Hull (DD-945) Association.

  Although we served aboard her at various times, there is a commonality each of us shares with the last of the all-gun destroyers. That common thread is that at one time or another, we all could call the ship "home." In one-way or another, it was a milestone in each of our lives. That spirit, that camaraderie must have been evident at the September Reunion in Las Vegas. I could see it in the website photos and the comments of those who were able to attend.

  I'm looking forward very much to working with the fine group of Association officers whom you elected at the Reunion Business Meeting. Vice Presidents Bob Modell and Mike Gallegos will do a fine job planning the next Reunion and increasing our membership. Our treasury will be under the dutiful and experienced eye of John McKechnie, HULL's Supply Officer under my command.

  Besides planning our next formal get together, there is one other matter I'd like to bring up. We all served on board the fifth ship to bear the "Hull" name in honor of Commodore Isaac Hull - Commanding Officer of the USS Constitution when she defeated the HMS Guerrière 19 August 1812. There is interest, and it is more than just idle interest, in having a sixth U.S. Naval ship commissioned with that venerable name. This is something I would like each of you to think about. As the process moves along, it may be something in which each of us could play a part.
  That said, it's time to focus on the future - and from my vantage point as your President we have some work to do to build on the great success of our first-ever Reunion. I'm looking forward to it and hope you are, too.


C. R. Tallent





$15.00 each
$3.00 S&H for one,
$5.00 S&H for two or more
Contact: Ray Ostman
  Or mail to:  
       Ray Ostman
     128 Old Augusta Rd.
     S.Rincon,GA. 31326
We need at least 30 to place an order.

Rank/Rate First Name Last Name
Tug Crew Gene Anstett
BT3 Terry Barentsen
Bro. Of Terry Pat Barentsen
RMC Lester Benafield
EWCS/RD1 Dominic Bisesi
BMC Gerald D. (Jerry) Boehm
  Charlotte Boehm
FTG2 Steven Bradow
FTG2 Ken Breen
  Marlys Breen
HTC Bill Canada
  Mary Canada
LTJG, SC Tom Christensen
  Colleen Christensen
QM2 Bill Clair
  Lillian Clair
IC2 Lou Colella
GMG2 Carl Decker
  Frances Decker
UNK UNK Dillard
SM2 Nick L. Dimel
SN Mark B Dougherty
FT2 David Draper
SK1 Richard Dunaway
  Camille Dunaway
GM2 Jim Ericson
  Nancy Ericson
SN Mark Felton
CO/CDR . George T Flanagan
BMCS Herve Fortin
  Betty Fortin
MM1 Michael Gallegos
  Dora Gallegos
MM2 Martin Givens
BTFN Mark Hammonds
  Mary Jo Hammonds
SO2 Bill Hatch
  Shirley Hatch
GMG3 David Hathcoat
  Cathy Hathcoat
ET1 David L. Henkel
  Helen Henkel
MM3   Holloway
LT Ken Holtel
BT1 Aubrey S. Horton
  Ruby Horton
BM3 Gary John
  Betty John
  Steve Kavner
  Shirley Kavner
BT2 Gary Kreuger
  Lori Kreuger
BM3 Gary Line
Rank/Rate First Name Last Name
ET1 Wayne McKay
  Billie McKay
LT, SC John McKechnie
SK2 David Meisenheimer
YN1 Vince Mione
  Eva Readenger Mione
LTJG, SC Robert Modell
ET3 Fred Moya
SN Jack Mueller
DK3 Carl Olsen
  JoAnn Olsen
GMG2 Albert Paul
  Ella Paul
LTJG Jim Prochaska
  Donna Prochaska
BT Arthur Raymond
  Betty Raymond
MM3 Dennis Reese
FT1 George Richards
XO/CDR Nicholas (XO) Richards
  John Rucki
BT2 Bill Rudolph
BT2 Kim (Smitty) Smith
BT2 Artis Smith
BT3 Ray Smith
EN3 Ted Snyder
YN3 Frank Solosky
CDR Rex Tallent
  Ann Tallent
BT3 David L. Tate
YNC Alan Thiese
LTJG George Tomek
  Marilee Tomek
BT3 John Urbanec
  Carol Urbanec
BT3 Donald Ward
  Jackey Fronk Ward
  Lyle Ware
QM2 Bryce (Nutz) Wellnitz
  Donna Wellnitz
RM3 } Worley {bob Whitfield
  Eppie Upchurch Whitfield
BT Bill Young
ET3 Gregg Zuelke