We now have our membership data (Name, address, telephone and email and dates served on HULL) on our web site with access only by use of a separate, Association issued, password. In order to receive the database Password you must pay the $10.00 dues. This system will protect the data from prying eyes.

Not To Leave The Ship - Spring, 2005




An organized effort is officially underway seeking to have a sixth ship of the U.S Fleet named after Commodore Isaac Hull.


At the first Business Meeting of the USS HULL Association last September in Las Vegas, members voted overwhelmingly for such an effort.Of the five ships to bear the “HULL” name, DD-350 served meritoriously in World War II and DD-945 likewise in Vietnam and afterwards.



HULL President….volunteers abound

Meet Lou Colella….HULL Historian

Mariner’s Mart….CD cruise books

What’s new on Hull Website?

Looking for lost shipmates

Chat room on horizon

Don’t delay dues

I remember that guy……but what the heck was that DD in our wake?



The battle flag of Hull, retired to the Curator of the Navy upon decommissioning, contains nine battle honors streamers with an aggregate of 27 campaign stars, and it represents this proud tradition. Commodore Isaac Hull, for whom the vessels were named, commanded the USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” in the pivotal sea battle of the War of 1812.

There is a tremendous amount of history and Naval tradition to justify this re-naming campaign.We will be issuing a “call to action” to USS HULL Association members, their families and others whom they enlist in the effort.This will be a grass roots effort.We’ll supply you with a press kit – suggested letters you can send to your elected representatives on the federal level and talking points that can be tailored for local print and broadcast media.


As the old saying goes “there is strength in numbers.”  Our Association currently has more than 150 members scattered across the United States. That’s commendable considering our USS HULL Association was officially formed just last September. But we must continue to increase membership to maximize our effectiveness.  You’ll read more about that effort inside this newsletter.    



DD-945 at Sea Trials

U.S.S. HULL (DD 945) Commissioned July 3, 1958 – Decommissioned 11 July 1983
25 years of exemplary service to the United States Navy

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Dear Shipmates:

A lot has been happening with the USS HULL Association since my last letter to all of you. I'm pleased to report that all of it is positive. So, without any particular order of importance the following is a list of projects and/or people who have volunteered and will "turn to" get the jobs done.


So, without any particular order of importance the following is a list of projects and/or people who have volunteered and will "turn to" get the jobs done.


  • Ship Naming Project - Captain Stephen H. Howell - 14th and last CO of DD-945 along with Captain Nick Richards - last XO of DD-945 - will be spearheading the effort to have a new destroyer-type ship named after Commodore Isaac HULL. Details will be following.
  • Newsletter - George Tomek (LTJG 63-65) is our Vice President for Communications.
  • Official USS HULL Web Page - Webmaster Dave Vrooman (EM3 61-62).
  • Reunion - Bob Modell (LTJG 61-63) Plans for the September, 2006 Reunion are underway.
  • Historian - Lou Colella (IC2 60-62) has signed on to capture your sea stories to fill out our official history.
  • Cruise Books - I encourage you to check out four Cruise Books on line and available for purchase: '66, '67 - '68, '72 and '76 - '77.
  • The 66-67 book was donated to our Association by John LaGranduer (RD3 66-68). Also, Dave Vrooman donated the '72 book. Both books will be at the next reunion. Thank you Shipmates.
  • Treasurer - John McKechnie (SO '64-'66) - always looking for new members and your dues.
  • YAHOO Group web site - Neil Rangen (RM3 65-66) is our Moderator of this photo and email site that is: Incidentally, Mark Easter (IC3 76-79) will be activating a YAHOO CHAT ROOM. We'll have more on that later so "stay tuned."


I remember and I am sure all of you do that, day in and day out, it took every member of the crew doing his part to get the job done on our fine ship. It is very gratifying to see that same spirit remains alive and well as we move ahead with these exciting projects.



Rex Tallent




Ah, liberty in Hong Kong. Who was the tall LT (jg) on the right with this HULL group in '64-'65? He was prior enlisted before HULL.

Email your answers to the rest of the Group. We're not showing you photos like this simply to jog your collective memories. For the USS HULL Association to accomplish its goals, we must be a strong and viable organization and well-represented from coast to coast. We've made a great start but we need to keep growing.




We now have WestPac Cruise books on CD for the years 1966, 1967-68, 1972, and 1976-77. The cost of these CD's are $10.00 for one Cruise book CD, $15 for 2, $20 for 3, $25 for all 4 plus shipping by USPS priority mail of $3.85 per order of up to 4. More than 4 depending on the destination could increase postage. $2.00 per CD is for materials and the balance will go to the Reunion fund. Send payment to:

John McKechnie

540 Alameda Boulevard

Coronado, CA 92118






Dear Shipmates:


For some time now "The Hull Association" has realized too many of the stories and accounts of HULL's service submitted by former crew members could be lost and should be recorded with a dedicated place to reside. It's vital to have someone serve as the focal person to capture and organize HULL's service, operational history and crew accounts. I was an IC2 on the ship from 1960-1963 and look forward to tackling this important job. You can submit your accounts and stories to me.


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Much of Hull's history can be found in various Internet sites, cruise books and publications such as our site ( set up by our Dave Vrooman EM3 '61-'62. The Historian's ultimate goal is to gather and organize Hull's history in a congruous manner and in a format that is enjoyable to browse. An Internet link is being generated and a chronological decade by decade format has been chosen to present HULL's service.


A lot of help by crewmembers will be needed to fulfill that goal. Don't be surprised if I give you a call or an email asking for information, so please give me your support. You can submit your stories, accounts and photos that reflect HULL's history and operation to aid in tying decade to decade, and please, no political views. Have a suggestion? Anything you'd like to offer that makes the effort to capture HULL's history more enjoyable will be considered.


Each newsletter in the future will feature a portion of Hull's history that should appeal to all and hopefully generate fond memories. If you think you have something that would be of interest, please send it to me.




Louis Colella

6 Birchwood Lane

Biddeford, ME 04005




It may mean nothing history-wise, but can anybody ID the DD below in the wake of HULL during the '65 Westpac cruise? Email the Group with your answers.


4th picture from the bottom for a larger image.




Dues keep coming but…what a deal - two years for $10.00. That covers you to the next Reunion and gives you the USER NAME/PASSWORD to the USS HULL ASSOCIATION membership database; Send your dues to:


c/o J. McKechnie, Treasurer

540 Alameda Boulevard

Coronado, CA 92118




The Association also uses a YAHOO group site that provides a limited amount of space for pictures, but also is an email broadcasting system. If you send a "REPLY" to one of the Group's emails check out the "TO" box on your outgoing email - is it to the Group address or to the individual you REALLY want the email to go to? Be careful. If you use the GROUP address - everyone who has signed up to our YAHOO GROUP will receive the email. Neil Rangen (RM3 '65-'66) has volunteered to be our YAHOO GROUP Moderator and Mark Easter (IC3 '76-'79) is going to open the YAHOO GROUP - CHAT ROOM (in the near future).


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LTJG Richard Bemis
EWCS/RD1 Dominic Bisesi
BMC Gerald D.Jerry Boehm
FTG2 Ken Breen
HTC Bill Canada
QM2 Bill Clair
IC2 Lou Colella
BT3 Lonnie Croft
GMG2 Carl Decker
GMG2 John Dillard
SM2 Nick L. Dimel
IC3 Robert Dobbs
SK1 Richard Dunaway
IC3 Mark Easter
CO/CDR William Fergus Feely
RM1 Thomas Ferstl
MM1 Michael Gallegos
MM2 Martin Givens
BT1 Leo Gottsch
BTFN Mark Hammonds
FTG2 Doug Harder
GMG3 David Hathcoat
ET1 David L. Henkel
BT3 Lee Hohlen
BT1 Aubrey S. Horton
BM3 Gary John
ETR2 Chuck Johnson
LTJG Gary Jones
RM3 Phil (Jurgy) Jurgelon
  Steve Kavner
  Tom Kay
RD3 John LaGrandeur
BT3 Lester Luce
GMG2 Philip Martin
CDR/CO Jim McConville
ET1 Wayne McKay
LT, SC John McKechnie
LTJG, SC Robert Modell
YN3 Joaquin (Jack) Montoya
DK3 Carl Olsen
RM3 Neil 'Red' Rangen
MM3 Dennis Reese
YN3 Frank Solosky
STG1 Kim A. Spickard
CDR Rex Tallent
YNC Alan Thiese
LTJG George Tomek
BT3 John Urbanec
EM3 David M. Vrooman
BT3 Donald Ward
  Lyle Wares
QM2 Bryce (Nutz) Wellnitz
RM3 Worley {bob} Whitfield
RD 2 Wayne Williams
RM3 Kenneth (Willy) Williams
BT Bill Young
ET3 Gregg Zuelke

If you're on the this DUES PAID list, you're paid up thru HULL's next reunion September 2006 in Las Vegas. $10 for two years? Again, what a deal! Send your payment to:



c/o John McKechnie, Treasurer

540 Alameda Boulevard

Coronado, CA 92118




We're averaging one a week in finding new shipmates. Almost 250 names with some kind of address - mostly via the web. But our membership list also shows a number of names with no additional location. Do the above names jog your memory? Let us know if you have the NEW EMAIL: HULLDD945@YAHOO.COM


We're averaging one a week in finding new shipmates. Almost 250 names with some kind of address - mostly via the web. But our membership list also shows a number of names with no additional location. Do the above names jog your memory? Let us know if you have the addresses - email or otherwise. We also need the names of deceased shipmates. so they can be memorialized at the next Reunion. MMCM Mike Gallegos is VP for Membership. His email is




We are fortunate indeed to have a talented and generous shipmate in Dave Vrooman (EM3 '61-'62) who had developed a USS HULL (DD-945) web site and graciously let this organization use it as our official Association site. He continually adds features. The current one is Cruise Books on CD's we wrote about earlier in this newsletter.



The 76 - 77 Cruise book borrowed from David Keil has pages 53 and 54 missing. Does anyone have a copy of this book that they could scan at 300 dpi? Dave V at 503.262-8211.


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