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                   NOT TO LEAVE THE SHIP – FALL 2009 EDITION



Reunion 2010





The fourth Bi-Annual Reunion of the USS Hull Association will have the flavor of the Old South in the middle of the western desert.  The gala will be held at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  The dates are October 19-21st.


This outstanding full-service resort sports nearly 1,900 over-sized rooms (virtual mini-suites) and a full table of amenities conveniently located on Tropicana Boulevard near the famed Las Vegas Strip.  “We’ve negotiated a very affordable price for our shipmates and families at a quality location,” said Reunion Chairman Bob Modell.  “This year’s Reunion will be a real blast” says HULL Association President Mike Gallegos, “Vegas is above all locations when it comes to events to reminisce over and remember like ours.”


The Orleans is a self-contained entertainment center, complete with concerts, family entertainment and sports, including a 75-lane bowling alley and plenty of pool space to take a dip or just relax and enjoy.


2010 BUILDS ON 2008

The San Diego Reunion in 2008 brought some shipmates together again for the first time in decades.


Like plank owners Bruce Newell, Ed Allen and Bill Rudolph – but 2008 brought more to the Association table. The first Reunion in DD-945’s home of San Diego saw significant contributions made to the USS ORLECK Foundation and to the Typhoon Cobra Memorial.  That, of course, has a special meaning for the USS HULL DD-350 members of our Association.  That HULL destroyer, and all but 80 crewmembers were lost in that killer storm.




Dear HULL Association Shipmates:


A Happy 2010 to each and every one of you – and yours!  Kay and I and three other DD-350 HULL shipmates and their wives got together for a good time last year in San Diego.  The Bob Coynes came all the way from Florida. 


You know, the DD-350 Association had 26 reunions.  But as fate and reality would have it, our numbers are dwindling each year.  Ray Schultz left us in 2009.  He was 89-years-old.  Bob and I and the rest agreed last year how appreciative and thankful we are to be a part of the USS HULL Association.


That said and the Good Lord willing, Kay and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the 2010 Reunion of our Association in Las Vegas in October.  Right now, she and I are leaving for Pismo Beach.  It’s a special spot for us each year at Memorial Day.  It’s a very special time right now – our 66th wedding anniversary.


Fair Winds & Following Seas,


Pat Douhan      Editor’s Note:  AND A VERY HAPPY 66TH TO YOU AND KAY, TOO!




Hats off to Ron Hazleton (LTjg ‘66-‘68) for adding greatly to the ‘60’s photo section of Lou Colella’s excellent USS HULL Website.  Many of Ron’s great all-color photos never made the cruise book for the historic 1967-67 Westpac tour of duty.  There are some truly riveting action photos.  If you haven’t seen them yet, go to the HULL website at: click on “picture option,” go to the 1960s and click on Ron’s great portfolio.  And, kudos to Lou Colella for the great work he continues to do as HULL Historian and Webmaster!



By the way, Historian Colella recently got a query, apparently from a diver, who found the remains of a Fletcher Class DD reportedly sunk by the 8 inch gun of HULL in 1978.  He was trying to ID the remains.  Shipmate Alan Thiese was a YNC aboard HULL during that time frame a said the Navy History Center should have the answer and the deck logs to prove it. For future reference by shipmates the history center website is:



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It’s vital that we have current contact information to reach you to help us achieve our goals with elected officials and others – and, in our continuing effort to grow the USS HULL Association.


John McKechnie – Association Treasurer