Picture History - The '60's


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Photo compliments of:

 Al Siegel ETR2

OE Division 1967-1970

USS Newport News CA-148

Founding President USS Newport News Museum and Memorial Foundation



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I was on the USS Newport News CA-148 during itís first and second Westpac deployments.

 Attached is a photo of the Hull as it pulled away from us March 1968.

 All the best to you and the crew.

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Gary Blanchard Ken Breen Rich Burns Lou Colella Nick Dimel Bob Dobbs Ron Hazelton Leon Hemme

Ernie Hernandez Lester Ramer Roger Majchrzak John McCoy Nells Rotchstein Jr. George Tomek Bryce Wellnitz Misc Photos



"Manning The Rail"

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Picture compliments of USS Galveston Shipmates -  LT Gunnar Sedleniak, Missile Div, is the photographer

I heard from the photographer this morning and asked him what the occasion was in the photo. COMCRUDESFLOTNINE was deployed on the Galveston under the command of  RADM Lambert and in November of 63, just before he was relieved by RADM Ensey, the ships of the flotilla conducted a pass-in-review to honor him.


Keith Hedley
USS Galveston Shipmates
OI Division '66-'69


Photo compliments of Bob Modell LTjg (SC) '61-'63


60's Wardroom

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Slide show compliments of Neil Baliber ETN3 '59-'62


'61 WestPac Cruise Video Slide Show (Click to View)