Picture History - The '80's

Hull's final day

A YouTube/Truveo video of Hull from beginning to end. (click to view)

Note: Some pictures of the actual sinking appear to be of Mullinnex (DD-944), as Hull did not carry any guns to her final day.



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Richard indicates the above photos were taken at "The Quarter Deck Club" Olongapo P. I. on 25-26 Feb '83, making it the last time Hull was in the P.I.

Photos taken at Baloy Beach P.I. compliments of Richard Cardenas BT2 '80-'83







Photos and commentary compliments of Evan Caffrey BT2 '79-'83



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How many remember when the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders paid a much-appreciated visit to the old Happy HULL?  Oh, yes, it did happen.  I want to say it was in Diego Garcia, my second Westpac Circa 1982-83 but I could be wrong.  I might recall that they were hangin' on a certain Tender in that garden spot.  What I remember for sure is that it was a damn good shot of morale to see such BEAUTIFUL "round-eyed" women in the middle of nowhere!!  May God bless each and every one of those gals, and while we're at it why don't we ask one of THEM to come address the next reunion?  I'm sure they're all still "foxes"!



During HULLís 1982 WESTPAC deployment and enroute to Singapore in October, she rescued five Vietnamese boys adrift in a battered fishing boat and awarded the Humanitarian Service Medal


These are the five young men we rescued.  Their boat was leaking.  They had no food or water and had been, if I recall correctly, drinking seawater.  They were seriously hungry when we brought them on board and spent a good bit of time on the mess decks soaking up food and liquids.

The Humanitarian Service Medal was first authorized by Executive Order 11965 of 19 Jan 77.



OK, here is what I remember about our efforts to dispose of this hazard to navigation.  A few Gunners Mates took the whaleboat out to the boys' boat.  They soaked it with diesel and returned to the ship.  Then they shot a few grenades into it but it would not stay lit.  Then they raked it with .50 cal machine gun tracers (see photo).  Again it caught a weak fire but would not stay lit.  We were ordered inside and were told to stop laughing at  the gunners.  We had to back away a good distance until they could lower the 5" guns enough to train on the boat. They blew it to pieces with one shot from the 5".  We had fun with the gunners.  We knew they were awesome and it was fun to mess with them because they were overgunned for this little wood boat.  We knew that our gunners were top guns in the fleet, so no offense to them.