Ship model sites, pictures and tips compliments of shipmate Bryce Wellnitz QM2 '63 - '68 (This is where I got my model) (This is my favorite site for drive shafts, props, motors, etc.) (This is a site of other linked sites. It can really help) and it also shows videos of some of the war games that some model builders are into.


I also recommend that a novice builder pick up a couple of “how to books” on model building and also remote controls, speed controllers, battery specs, and running gear (shafts, props, gears, transmissions/gear boxes)


A couple of recommended tools that I have found that you should not be without are: A dremel like tool with all the various attachments. 2 or 3 different Super Glues which dry at different speeds. I got mine at a hobby store and it is Industrial Use & contains cyanoacrylate ester. I use a heavy duty slow drying glue for planks which have to bend or twist, and a fast lighter duty for adding on small parts, features like hatches etc.


Attached is my work area. I was a little limited in available space and I needed my area to be as dust free as possible, so I built this workbench/cabinet to hold the ship, tools, etc.  It is fully lighted and also has 120V power for my rotary tools and sanders. When done working I can slide everything back into the cabinet and close up the door. Since we have 5 cats and this sits above two large litter boxes, you can see the reasoning behind my desire for being dust free. The problem is that it is not dust free enough to paint or spray anything, so I am working on finding a new place to mount the cabinet.




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