Remembering the Fallen

Lost Harbor

There is a port of no return,
     where ships may ride at anchor for a little space.
And then, some starless night, the cable slips,
     leaving an eddy at the mooring place...
Gulls, veer no longer. Sailor, rest your oar.
     No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.

                                   --Leslie Nelson Jennings


 Star Bar


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Bryant, Carson Buckmeyer, Charles  Crossman, Rubin Decker, Thomas DeRyckere, Archie George Douhan, Patrick


Garrison, Nolan Joseph Rapalus, Henry Stealey, Thomas (Tom) Shultz, Ray Sims, Ernie


Sweeney, James Valverde, John Vaughn, Melvin Ware, Dewey Wenger, William



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 Aldridge, Jerry H Abramson, Phil Aulinskis, Ron Auro, Levy


Baldino, Salvatore Bates, George Allen "Al" Belcher, William Blanchard, Gary 


Bogusch, BillBoth, Karl Heinz


Clair, William "Bill" Connally, Robert Conner, Ray Coursin, Jack Tannehill Cudd, Schuler C.


Dalton, Richard V. Dickison, Benny Dillard, John Jacob Draper, David P Duck, Wesley


Dunhill, Stephen


Edgar, Curtis Ehrmantrout Sr, William


Finley, Richard Feely, William Fergus Flanagan, George Thomas Fortin, Herve R. Freeman, Olden


Gillespie, William Goto, Irving Gray, Jerry Green, Ralph


Hall, Jon L. Hamilton, Richard Hansen, Ron Harder, Douglas L




Johnson, Bill Jones, Mason B.


Klimp, Thomas H. Kitchen, George Allen


Lipscomb, Danny Luce, Lester


McNeil, Jeff  Mione, Vincent Montoya, Robert (Bobby) Murray, Edward Paul


Nelson, Edward Nowicki, Lynn Allen Nulod, Ramon


   Parker, Jesse Paul, Albert Pearce Sr., David Kay Poff, David Potter, Willard Provost, William B.


Reinhardt, Ellwood "Bill" Ries, Herbert Hamilton Roe, James K.


Seymour, Edgar Skidmore, Stanley J Swinney, Riley


 Tate, David L. Tribble, William Turmail, George Russell


VanOstran, J "M"


  Wamser, Richard "Dick" Ward, Donald Wellnitz, Bryce Wise II, Peyton R. Wood, Jerry


   Goodbye dear friend and shipmate.
     May you rest in peace...
                    Sailor rest your oar...

* From journal of R. Modell and my personal remembrance.